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Jaxen's accessible backyard gives him a place where he can feel at home

  • Jaxen enjoys the shade in his new backyard

  • Jaxen and his family enjoy their new backyard

  • Before his wish, Jaxen really only had three rooms in the house he could go into.

  • One of their favorite parts of their backyard is Jaxen's new swing

“ The new backyard is absolutely wonderful, and Jaxen now has special place to go when he’s home. ”

- Jessica, Jaxen's mom

For Jaxen, having an outdoor space where he felt comfortable was an important part of making his new house feel like a home.

A few years after Jaxen was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder, his family moved to Arizona to be closer to his grandfather.

But it wasn’t until Jaxen’s wish was granted that their house truly felt like a home.

“Jaxen loves to be outside and when we moved into our new house, we realized the backyard wasn’t a safe place for him to play because it wasn’t wheelchair-friendly,” said his mom, Jessica.

Jaxen, who gets heat-induced seizures, struggled to find shade outside and without a pathway for his wheelchair, he spent nearly all of his time in the house. Ready for a change, Jaxen’s mom made the decision to refer him to Make-A-Wish Arizona.

“I can still remember where I was when I got the call that Jaxen was eligible for a wish,” she said. “I didn’t think anything would happen and I was so happy I immediately burst into tears.”

When deciding on Jaxen’s wish, Jessica said that the two most important things were giving Jaxen something he could enjoy at home and something that would last.

“Jaxen is nonverbal so we wanted to make sure that his wish was something that would benefit him, and he would be able to enjoy every day,” she said. “He has been on airplanes, he can travel and do things other kids can do, but we knew what he wanted most was a place to call his own.”

His ADA accessible backyard, featuring a wheelchair path, shade structure, artificial turf, misting systems, and sensory features is the perfect way for Jaxen to finally spend time outdoors with his family.  

“Before his wish, Jaxen really only had three rooms in the house he could go into. The new backyard allows our whole family to be together,” Jessica said. “Everyone involved including all the workers and all the companies who donated to Jaxen’s wish will forever be in our hearts. We are overwhelmed by the generosity and pure kindness given to our family for Jaxen.”

 “Jaxen’s condition does not allow him to express his emotions in typical ways, but we can tell how much Jaxen loves his new backyard. He enjoys the freedom of being able to go wherever he wants outside. When the entire family is in the backyard, we all feel amazing. It is absolutely wonderful, and Jaxen now has special place to go when he’s home.”

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