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Joseph's new playroom provides respite and relaxation

  • Joseph in his favorite part of his new playroom: the fort!

  • Joseph playing with his brothers in his new playroom

  • Joseph, 3, wished to have a new playroom

“ Before, Joseph’s playroom was a mess. Now, Joseph is in love with his new room. He likes being in there more than his own bedroom! ”

- Sarette, Joseph's mom

Since Joseph was diagnosed with cancer, he’s been surrounded by hospital walls. No matter how much his mom tried to distract him from the medical environment, treatments were brutal for Joseph at just 15 months.

Joseph’s wish, to have a new playroom, gives him a space he can finally feel at home.

“Due to his treatment, Joseph lost most of his hearing and requires hearing aids. He has many therapies, including counseling for the emotional trauma his illness has caused,” said his mom, Sarette. “It’s been a nightmare for us, but when Make-A-Wish called, I was surprised.”

“Our family had to help Joseph figure out what his wish would be due to his developmental delays, and he ended up choosing to renovate his playroom. Joseph loves art and music and his room wasn’t benefiting him before, so we wanted to include things that could help him grow. I did my best to involve him in the planning process and whenever volunteers would send over pictures of things for the room, I would show them to Joseph and he was thrilled,” Sarette continued.

After several days of a closed playroom door, it was time for the big reveal. Joseph excitedly opened the door to reveal his new playroom and his favorite part: the fort area!

“It’s a fun space for him because he knows no one is going to hurt him or poke him,” said Sarette. “He really enjoys his foam sensory paint, chalkboard wall and bean bag chair reading space. His brothers think it’s great too because now they can all play together.”

Now, Joseph loves to hang out in his playroom in between rigorous treatments and his fort area is stocked with his favorite stuffed animals and blankets.

“Before, Joseph’s playroom was a mess. Now, Joseph is in love with his new room. He likes being in there more than his own bedroom!” said Sarette.

Right now, Joseph attends two schools Monday through Thursday: one for the hard of hearing and deaf, and a developmental preschool. Fridays are for doctor’s appointments, while weekends are for relaxing and family time in his new playroom.

“Joseph is looking forward to enjoying his playroom for years to come,” said Sarette.

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