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Kaltuma's wish for a bedroom makeover is our command

  • Kaltuma, 9, wished to have a bedroom makeover.

  • Kaltuma's room before...

  • After!

  • Kaltuma loves her new bed!

  • Kaltuma, 9, wished to have a bedroom makeover.

  • Kaltuma was so excited for her surprise Princess Jasmine cake - her favorite!

  • Kaltuma, 9, wished to have a bedroom makeover.

  • Kaltuma's favorite part of her room is her new laundry basket.

  • Kaltuma is so excited she can finally watch TV in her room now!

“ I told my siblings they have to keep out because my room looks so nice and clean now and I KNOW they’re going to make a mess! ”

- Kaltuma

As one of nine siblings, Kaltuma has never had a place in her house to call her own. That is why her wish, to have a room makeover, was the perfect choice for her.

“I share a room with my big sister, Qamar, and I couldn’t have the things I wanted because there wasn’t enough space,” said Kaltuma. “I wished to have a room makeover because I wanted to have a new bed that wasn’t broken and new decorations with colors that I like.”

In a family that is used to sharing, Kaltuma unfortunately shares something life-threatening with two of her siblings – a genetic blood disease.

Her twin sisters, Maka and Madina, also have sickle cell. Their disease and doctor appointments take a toll on the whole family, so when each was granted a personalized wish – one thread flowed through all of them. Each wish experience included the whole family – the people who support Kaltuma, Maka and Madina every day.

“Madina wished to have a shopping spree because she wanted each of us [her siblings] to be able to get something and she bought a computer for our family. Then we all got to go on Maka’s wish trip to Disneyland and I met Aladdin and my favorite princess, Jasmine!” Kaltuma said.

Kaltuma returned from Disneyland with new ideas inspired by Princess Jasmine and told her volunteer wish granters all the things she envisioned for her room. Together, Kaltuma and Qamar agreed on a black and white color scheme incorporating accents of gold and silver.

“I wanted my side of the room to be Princess Jasmine-themed and Qamar likes Paris, so she wanted a Paris-themed bed and pictures of the Eiffel Tower,” she said.

The morning of Kaltuma’s wish reveal, she was in a lot of pain and feeling especially down because of her sickle cell. Her wish was just the thing she needed to cheer her up!

“I was so surprised when I opened the door!” she said. “I feel happy to have a room that’s my own and I don’t have to sleep in my big sister’s room anymore. I was really excited that it happened today because it made me feel better.”

Kaltuma’s new bedroom includes floating shelves, giant bean bags, floral decals, multicolor lights on the walls, new beds for her and sister, plus a fuzzy “magic carpet” rug of her own. 

“I wasn’t expecting to have a TV and I can’t wait to watch shows and play in my room,” said Kaltuma, whose favorite part was a surprise to everyone. “I love the lights that change color and my bed, but my favorite thing is my new laundry basket!”

Kaltuma’s siblings are especially looking forward to spending more time in her new room, but not too much time if Kaltuma has anything to say about it.

“I told my siblings they have to keep out because my room looks so nice and clean now and I know they’re going to make a mess!” she said.

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