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Nolan's new backyard playset boosts his confidence

Nolan and friends in front of his new playset.

“ Climbing on the ladder and rock wall have helped him build his confidence back. ”

- Nolan's mother, Alexis

Like most 4-year-old boys, Nolan loves to play and run around with his friends. Unfortunately, his tissue disorder has made it difficult for him.

“Nolan has had four surgeries, and because of that, he can’t always keep up with his friends or go to school,” said his mother, Alexis. “It was tough for Nolan to have his friends over, because we didn't have a place in the area where they could play, like a park or playground.”

That’s where his wish came in. After he was referred and granted eligibility for a wish, it didn’t take Nolan long to realize that he wanted a change of scenery in his backyard.

“Nolan specifically wished to have a backyard with grass that included a playset with a green slide, but he really wanted a place to run around and be carefree, and a place where he could have friends over,” Alexis said.

When the process began, Alexis didn’t know quite what to expect. But she credits the volunteer wish granters for doing a great job keeping them informed and updated throughout the entire wish.

“Everyone was so unbelievably helpful,” Alexis said. “I couldn’t have imagined it working out any better.”

So far, the playset has been everything Nolan wished for and more. It has a rock wall, ladder, swings and – of course – a green slide!

“He loves it so much and plays on it every day after he gets home from school,” Alexis said. “It’s his happy place. He is always out there playing with his sister, or with his friends. Nolan knows he’s different, but when he’s in his backyard, he can be a normal kid.”

The playset has also had a huge physical impact on him.

“After his surgeries, Nolan was weak, and very hesitant to do anything physical. But climbing on the ladder and rock wall have helped him build his confidence back up,” said Alexis.

“It has given him strength and courage, and more belief in himself and his abilities.”

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