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5-year-old Oran gets a fire station playhouse in his backyard

Oran in his fire fighter playset

“ "It was a mystery to him, but one thing was for sure, something was up." ”

Five-year-old Oran is described as a very happy, sweet, smart, and curious little boy who loves firefighters and playing outside in his backyard. Oran dreams of one day becoming a fire fighter.

Oran has a life-threatening medical condition: acute lymphatic leukemia. Oran has undergone multiple surgeries and tough medical treatments like chemotherapy, but his spirits remain high, especially when he drives by the fire stations on his way to his hospital visits. His favorite station is Phoenix Fire Station 27 in Phoenix.

When Oran had the opportunity to wish for anything his heart desired, he instantly knew what his wish would be: to have a fire station playhouse in his backyard where he can play firefighter with his little brother, Andon. He wished for the playhouse to have swings and a fire pole like the real fire stations have.

On Oran’s wish day, he heard sirens outside his house and was surprised at his door by a group of firefighters – some of whom were from Station 27! “I didn’t know they were going to be here!” he exclaimed. Not only was his playhouse wish going to be granted, but the playhouse was going to be built by his firefighter heroes.

While the firefighters got to work building the playhouse, Oran was treated to a ride around the neighborhood in the fire truck. Oran and his dad were hoisted 50 feet into the air on the ladder truck for a bird’s eye view of the city. The firefighters presented Oran with his own custom fireman jacket, pants, boots, and a Station 27 helmet.

Once “Oran’s Firehouse” was complete, Oran and his brother climbed the playhouse ladder to ring the fire station bell to announce that they were officially in business to fight fires. Oran was even named “honorary fire fighter” of the Phoenix Fire Department.

Oran spent a fun-filled day with his fire fighter heroes who told him stories and taught him how to be a real fireman. Oran could not stop smiling as he ran around his backyard and played on his brand new firehouse playhouse. Oran had an unforgettable wish day, free from the stress and worry of his medical condition, where he was finally able to feel like a kid again.
  • Oran with his fire house playset sign

  • Oran in his play set

  • Oran is his fire house playset

  • Oran with the fire crew that built his playhouse

  • Oran celebrates his wish reveal

I had the best day ever with my firefighter friends! Thank you Make-A-Wish Arizona! ”

— Oran

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