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10-year-old Sabrina surprised with her very own YouTube studio

“ It gives her something positive to focus on instead of her illness. ”

- Veronica, Sabrina's mom

When you meet 10-year-old Sabrina, you are likely to find her surfing the web, spending time on her favorite apps and recording different videos with her friends.

Technology like Sabrina’s has become the new normal for kids these days. But Sabrina not only uses the platforms for her own amusement, she also relies on apps and videos to get through frequent treatments and trips to the hospital because of her condition.

“Last year, Sabrina was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia,” said her mom, Veronica. “She’s been through a lot, but watching different videos has been a good escape for her. It helps her to feel like a regular kid.”

Sabrina, who especially enjoys tutorial videos, recently started to make her own “Do-It-Yourself” or DIY projects and crafts. Her current venture is creating homemade stress balls and slime out of household ingredients like soap, glue and shaving cream. What else would you expect from a 10 year old?

So when Sabrina learned she was eligible for a wish, she hoped to have something that could help her share her creativity with the world.

“I wished to have my own YouTube studio!” said Sabrina. “I love taking pictures and videos and I was so excited to create my own DIY videos, just like the ones I watch.”

Soon, Sabrina’s wish team went to work to secure the best equipment for her YouTube studio. This included items on her wish list, like a new touchscreen computer, video programming software, DSLR camera, light kit, microphone and green screen!

Sabrina's wish granters surprised her by taking her on a short trip out of the house while volunteers from Discover Financial Services transformed her living room into her new studio.

When she arrived back home, Sabrina could hardly believe her eyes.

“I was so surprised,” she said. “I didn’t expect this at all and it’s so cool! I’m really excited to use the camera.”

“It was so amazing to see the expression on Sabrina’s face when she walked in and saw all of her equipment,” said Veronica. “It brings me so much joy to see my daughter having such a happy day, because lately we haven’t had too many of those.”

With many appointments and doctor visits ahead, Sabrina’s family is thankful for the timing of this wish.

“Sabrina needs to have a bone marrow transplant so her new YouTube studio is something to take her mind off of everything that’s going on,” Veronica continued.  “It gives her something positive to focus on and instead of her illness.”

And she’s already getting started! Sabrina, who hopes to make videos with her sister, is currently planning for her first production.

“It’s going to be a challenge video,” she said. “There will be a gummy pepper and hot pepper but they will look the same and we won’t know which one is which. Then, we’ll each pick one of them and have to eat it on camera!”

With this new and exciting addition to her home, Sabrina can’t wait for all the fun she has in store.

“I love my new YouTube studio!” she said. “It’s the perfect wish for me!”

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