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"I'm so happy I will have this room forever" - Sammy's new LEGO bedroom

  • Sammy, 8, sees his new Lego room for the first time.

  • Sammy admires his super cool new Lego room.

  • Project designers spelled out Sammy's name in thousands of Legos.

  • Sammy's favorite place to hang out in his new room is his giant bean bag chair.

  • Sammy loves his new Lego mural.

  • Sammy gives a high five of approval for his cool new bedroom.

  • Sammy's wish wouldn't have been possible without the support of his family, wish granters and volunteers.

“ I love my new room so much! ”

- Sammy

Sammy’s all-time favorite thing to do is building things out of LEGOS. But being one of five siblings in his family, he never had a room of his own growing up.

Once Make-A-Wish Arizona heard about Sammy’s wish, they gathered a team of designers and volunteers to create a custom, LEGO-themed bedroom for him from scratch.

“The wish granters really took the time to talk with our family and figure out what Sammy wanted,” said Carmen, Sammy’s mom.  “Everyone involved with his wish was so dedicated from beginning to end, and you can really see how much hard work and effort they put into his room.”

On the day of his wish reveal, Sammy’s wish granters brought him to Toys R Us to find the LEGOS he needed to complete his new room.  While Sammy was picking out these additions, the team worked to perfect every aspect of his new room.

Of course, Sammy’s favorite part of the day was seeing his new room for the first time.

“I was so surprised and I’m so happy I will have this room forever!” Sammy said.

One of Sammy’s favorite features of his new room is his hand-made bed, created to look like oversized LEGOS. The loft bed comes complete with a ladder, just like the double-decker couch in the LEGO Movie.

“My siblings tell me all the time how cool my room is,” Sammy said, with a laugh.

Now, Sammy spends as much time in his new room as possible and his siblings often join him.  He likes working on projects with his brother, and if they need help, they will call their sisters to help complete their current design.

“Make-A-Wish Arizona gave my son a miracle,” Carmen said. “This room is a showcase of all the love and time it took to put the wish together and it exceeded anything I could have ever imagined.”


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