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Trey's life motto helps him determine his one true wish

  • Trey enjoys a first try on his silk screen computer

  • Trey shows off his silk screen equipment to his family.

  • Trey and his family celebrate his wish being granted

“ I am tough and this illness is my truth. ”

- Trey

For Trey, 12, picking his one true wish was serious business. He considered a football wish – his favorite game. He considered a treehouse wish – because he loves being outdoors but, one day, after shopping with his family, his wish created itself.

“I was shopping with my mom and my brothers for clothes for school and nothing fit me,” Trey said. “When I was complaining, my mom said it would be hard for me to find clothes I like in my size and that I had to deal with the tough truth that I was smaller but that I could still do great things. I just had to do them differently. I liked that, tough truth, so we made it my personal motto.

“I am tough and this illness is my truth.”

That motto has gotten Trey, who lives with a life-threatening genetic disorder, through quite a bit in the past few years. So much so, he wanted to create a t-shirt to wear with the words. 

“I was drawing the words in different ways and I noticed that if you intersected them, the ‘u’ of both words combined them into the shape of a cross,” said Trey. “I drew a cross around the words because I’m a big believer and because my mom’s favorite word since my diagnosis has been ‘believe’.”

Trey’s mother had a few shirts made with his logo and before he knew it, he was answering questions for family and friends about where they could buy his shirt.

“People tell me that they really like the meaning,” said Trey. “So, when they told me I could have anything for my wish, I thought it would be cool to make more shirts, hats, bags, things I could share with people so they can live my motto too.” 

His new silk screen “business” has a computer, equipment and was outfitted with t-shirts and bags to get him started thanks to corporate supporter Identity Marketing.

“I’m ready to get started. I even have business cards,” said the budding entrepreneur. “This wish was exactly what I need to live my motto – and make everyone understand that just because you have to deal with a tough truth, you can do great things!”

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