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Austin, 9, spends the day learning tricks with Tony Hawk

  • Austin also visited Sea World on his wish trip to meet Tony Hawk

  • Tony gave Austin a gift when he arrived for his wish

“ It was the first time since my brain surgery and cancer treatments that I have been back on my board doing tricks. ”

- Austin

Austin is a little shy when it comes to sharing details about his wish to meet the legendary skateboard pro Tony Hawk. After all, Hawk spent quality time with Austin talking tricks and giving him pointers. Pointers that could give Austin the edge next time he is skateboarding with his friends.

“We met in the morning and he had lunch with us and then he set up a two hour demo of all the tricks he could do,” said August. “I thought it was so cool.”

Austin not only watched Hawk and his friends as they glided up and down the ramp, but he participated too, skating with Hawk at the indoor skate park.

“He did a lot of tricks on the ramp and then I got to go on the ramp too,” said Austin. “It was the first time since my brain surgery and cancer treatments that I have been back on my board doing tricks.”

Austin also was able to see all of Tony’s XGames medals and Nickelodean awards, plus see videos of Tony’s most amazing tricks, like the time he jumped off an exploding ramp, over a MiniCooper car. Tony signed Austin’s board which was another gift that Austin could not believe.

“I don’t want to use it, I want to hang it up to remember this day,” said Austin.

“I really wanted to meet him, and it was great,” he said of his one true wish. “He really helped me get back into the hang of going down ramps and doing tricks. Plus, he gave me tips on how to do new tricks. It was awesome.”

Austin’s mom Aubrey agrees that this was a day for the entire family to enjoy.

“This is the first time since his diagnosis in April that I have seen Austin laughing and truly having fun,” said Aubrey. “We are so thankful beyond words to Make-A-Wish Arizona and Tony for making that happen.”

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