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10-year-old Avery meets the designers of his favorite toy

“ This experience gave him an exciting future to look forward to ”

- Avery's mom, Adrian

Achieving your dream job often takes decades of planning, schooling and experience. But for wish kid Avery, becoming an employee at Mega Bloks Toys so he could help design the newest line of his favorite HALO toy models at age 10 was a reality.

“I got to see the factory of my favorite toys,” said Avery. “It was the greatest day of my life!”

Avery was diagnosed with a life-threatening genetic disorder that affects his kidneys and liver, when he was just one month old. His wish, to meet the designers of Halo and Mega Bloks toys, gave him the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to forget his sickness and just be a little boy.

“This experience gave him an exciting future to look forward to,” said Avery’s mom, Adrian. “I have no doubt he will seek a profession where he gets to design toys for a living. Let us just say, Mega Bloks is expecting his resume for employment consideration after he graduates college!”

Not only did Avery get to visit the maker of Mega Bloks in Montreal, he received his own desk and participated in a brainstorming session, giving his input on the next series of products. Avery’s idea was to create a rescue-medic team for HALO, much like the military has. He worked on a surface vehicle spec and an air support.

But his adventure didn’t stop there.

He loved being the voice of a character in an upcoming YouTube short video with HALO. Plus, he received all kinds of HALO gifts to deck out his room at home, including his own figurine made in his likeness!

Avery’s mom appreciates the focus on fun and helping Avery experience being a kid with all of the “accessories, fanfare and splendor he can imagine.”

Avery can’t wait until he can go back to Mega Bloks and design more toys.

“I am very thankful for Make-A-Wish Arizona for granting my wish,” Avery said.

  • Avery gets a glimpse of his favorite characters at Mega Bloks Headquarters.

  • Avery, 10, wished to meet the designers of his favorite HALO figurines.

  • Avery gets his custom name plate at Mega Bloks Headquarters in Canada.

  • Avery enjoys his cake during his wish day.

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