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COVID-19 doesn't stop DJ Khaled from Zooming with big fan Francisco

Francisco and DJ Khaled met by Zoom during the COVID-19 restrictions

“ DJ Khaled's music inspires and motivates me all the time. ”

- Francisco, wish kid

For 18-year-old Francisco, finding out he was going to get a wish was almost as exciting as beating the cancer that enabled him to get the wish.

“I had some ideas of some people I could wish to meet but I follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat and I love everything he posts,” said Francisco. “When they told me that I could have a chance to talk to him and get to know him, man, that was awesome."

Francisco and DJ Khaled had to do their interview by Zoom due to the COVID-19 shelter-at-home restrictions but it didn’t stop the two from covering a wide range of topics.

“I love his music and I never thought in my lifetime that I would get to talk to him about, like his haircut and my job (landscaping) and music,” said Francisco. “He’s exactly like what he is on his Snapchat. He is just an intelligent, very respectful guy who loves his kids and his life and his family. It seemed like we had always been friends when we talked.” 

Francisco and DJ Khaled talked about everything from flowers to shoes to music to music videos. 

“I told him about my dream to create a nonprofit to help kids in lower-income communities have the opportunity to find music, or sports, or activities the like or are good at and he was super supportive,” said Francisco. 

“His music inspires and motivates me all the time,” said Francisco. “Even though we just met over video chat, it was just as awesome. I really feel like we connected and had a great talking to each other. 

“The time just flew by and I know I will remember it always.”

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