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Jordan's amazing day with Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald

  • Jordan, 4, wishes to meet Larry Fitzgerald

  • Jordan, 4, with his idol Larry Fitzgerald

  • Jordan, 4, with the Arizona Cardinals on his wish to meet Larry Fitzgerald

  • Jordan, 4, at the practice field for the Arizona Cardinals

  • Arizona Cardinals players sign a football for Jordan, 4, who wished to meet Larry Fitzgerald

  • Jordan, 4, with members of the Arizona Cardinals

“ He looked back at me over Larry Fitzgerald’s shoulder as if to say, ‘I’m the king of the world, Dad!’ Nothing can top that! ”

- Jordan's dad

In his spare time, four-year-old Jordan enjoys playing sports and watching sporting events. In particular, he loves the Arizona Cardinals. So he wished to meet his Cardinals football player – Larry Fitzgerald.

On Oct. 30, Jordan’s wish came true.  Even with the football season in full swing, Larry Fitzgerald and the entire Arizona Cardinals team wanted to meet Jordan and give him an experience he would never forget.  

Jordan’s day started when he was picked up at home by a limousine, which whisked him and his family to the Cardinals’ training facility in Tempe.  Upon arrival, Jordan was greeted with balloons by the Make-A-Wish® welcome team then taken to the field to watch Larry and the rest of the team practice.

As practice wound down, Jordan excitedly waited to meet his idol.  But when he looked up he saw not one, but four, then seven, then 10 players walking toward him. Before Jordan knew it, every member of the team greeted him with a high-five or handshake and signed his football.  Some players even gave him souvenirs such as their gloves or shoes.

Larry Fitzgerald then approached Jordan and Jordan’s wish officially came true!  Not surprisingly, Jordan was just as big of a hit with Larry as Larry was with him.  After signing a football, shoes and gloves, Larry scooped up Jordan and took him with the rest of the team and other Cardinals representatives into the locker room.

“I really didn’t know what to think at first,” said David, Jordan’s father.  “Most parents would be nervous to have someone just whisk up their child and walk away, but Jordan was beaming from ear to ear as he looked back at me over Larry Fitzgerald’s shoulder as if to say, ‘I’m the king of the world, Dad!’  Nothing can top that!”

Jordan had an amazing day and his wish far exceeded his expectations because of the kindness and generosity of Larry, the Cardinals players and the team staff. In fact, the team also gave Jordan and his family tickets to attend the game at the University of Phoenix stadium the next day.  

Make-A-Wish Arizona thanks Larry Fitzgerald and the entire Arizona Cardinal's football organization for enriching empowering Jordan's life by providing him with an incredible wish experience and a memory to last a lifetime. 

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