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Kwincy's wish to meet the OpTic Gaming team gives him hope for his career

  • Kwincy wished to meet the OpTic Gaming team

  • Kwincy wished to meet the OpTic Gaming team

  • Kwincy wished to meet the OpTic Gaming team

  • Kwincy wished to meet the OpTic Gaming team

“ When I was younger, I couldn’t do as much because of medical things. I’ve been playing video games and watching their videos since 2010. ”

- Kwincy

Born with the rare sickle cell blood disease, Kwincy deals with hospitals, doctors, blood transfusions and all the pain and hardship that come with his condition every day.

Yet, all that took a breather when he was able to meet the OpTic Gaming Team at the Gaming Championship in Texas for his one true wish.

“We had never even considered a wish until we were at an event at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and were seated next to the Make-A-Wish Arizona booth,” said Erika, Kwincy’s mother. “From there, Kwincy was referred by one of his nurses and soon we were meeting with his wish granter volunteers.”

“It wasn’t until after he had a bone marrow transplant that Kwincy really started considering his options,” continued Ericka.

Kwincy, whose favorite video game is Call of Duty, wished to meet the stars of his favorite YouTube channel, OpTic Gaming.

“When I was younger, I couldn’t do as much because of medical things, so I’ve been playing video games and watching OpTic Gaming videos since 2010,” said Kwincy. “They basically just share videos of them playing Call of Duty and hanging out and I love their personalities. They are really funny and seem like people you just want to be around.”

During a break in his treatment, Kwincy’s family received news that his wish was approved, and they would fly out to meet the team for their big upcoming tournament.

“I was stunned when I first walked in and saw everyone! I’m so used to seeing them through a screen and when I got to meet them in person they were exactly like I expected,” said Kwincy. “They were so friendly and cracking jokes with me the whole time.”

Kwincy spent time with the team members and enjoyed asking them questions like how they got into the business and what they studied in school.

“Most of them actually joined when they were just teenagers and I think it’s so cool you can make a career out of playing video games,” Kwincy continued. “I definitely want to be a part of the OpTic team someday and they told me to start streaming now and enter tournaments to make a name for myself.”

Kwincy’s gaming was never something his mom really understood, but after his wish, she now has a new respect for the industry and can see how much it means to him.

“He could spend 12 hours in his room playing video games if we let him,” said Erika. “And it wasn’t until we were at the Championships that we saw kids could make a life out of gaming. We started to realize Kwincy’s passion was something different than what we were used to, but it was still his passion.”

Erika said the trip was much more than what she expected.

“Everyone was so nice,” she continued. “They really talked to Kwincy and shared their stories and encouraged him to continue to look at gaming in a professional way. He was even invited to play the champions and beat one – that did great things for his outlook!”

Since his wish, Kwincy had stayed in touch with the team members and often receives shout outs from them during their streams.

“There could be thousands of people watching, but now they know my username and they will say hi to me through their video or the chat!” Kwincy said.

Erika shared that it was a top-notch experience and that she couldn’t believe how much people did for her son and her family.

“For everything he has had to go through, for all of the things he couldn’t do that his twin could do or that his brother could do, he got to be the star on his wish and have all the attention focused on him and his future,” said Erika. “It was a great moment for our family.”

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Liam , 10


I wish to meet the "real guys" behind the Call of Duty video game

10-year-old Liam's wish to meet the "real guys" behind Call of Duty

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