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3-year-old Samantha meets her favorite princess, Ariel

Samantha with fairy wings.

“ Ariel said we were friends and she told me about all of her other princess friends. ”

- Samantha

As a lover of all things Disney and princess, and a very energetic redhead who likes to sing, it was no surprise to anyone who met Samantha, 3, that her one true wish was to go to Disneyland to meet Ariel.

“I love Ariel,” Samantha says to anyone who asks. She loves Ariel’s long red hair and has always wanted to talk to the princess she thinks is the most beautiful. Her wish was to have a princess party so she could meet her fellow redhead and heroine.

While on her wish in Disneyland, Samantha experienced many of the great joys of the theme park. From riding fun rides to seeing Mickey and Minnie’s houses, her trip was magical.

The best part, by far, was being able to meet Ariel in person. When they met, Samantha ran right up to Ariel and gave her a hug.

During the meet and greet, Samantha says, “Ariel said we were friends and she told me about all of her other princess friends.” In addition, Ariel also playfully tried on Samantha’s princess crown, provided to her by her wish granters since she was meeting Ariel on her birthday!

However, even with the meet and greet behind her, Samantha’s favorite princess went above and beyond to make Ariel’s wish trip something memorable when, the day after the meet and greet, Ariel spotted Samantha and her sister in the park and called to them by name!

“It brings tears to my eyes to reflect on our wish experience,” said Samantha’s mother, Sarah. “For one week, my family was able to relax and have fun after the very difficult year and a half we had prior to our trip (during Samantha’s cancer treatment). This was such a blessing to my family, and an experience we will never forget!”

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