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Sa'Preeme, 16, spends a day at Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

  • Sa'Preeme has watched Rob Dyrdek's show, Fantasy Factory, since he was in sixth grade.

  • Sa'Preeme and fellow wish kids hanging out with Rob!

  • "Rob taught me tricks on the skateboard, and now I teach my friends back home!"-Sa'Preeme

  • "He’s exactly how you see on TV! He's funny but humble." -Sa'Preeme

  • Sa'Preeme jumping into the iconic foam pit!

  • Sa'Preeme and his family with Rob at the Fantasy Factory.

  • Rob giving wish kid Sa'Preeme one-on-one advice.

“ Rob is a humble guy, he makes you forget about everything you’re going through. ”

- Sa'Preeme

Born with sickle cell blood disorder, wish kid Sa'Preeme has lived with the unruly side effects of the disease like chronic back pain and an immune system that is unable to fight off infection.

Sa'Preeme's mom, Kevyn, explains that four times a year he will get really sick and has to take a lot of medication, but says he is blessed compared to other kids.

It was during one of his many hospital visits that Sa'Preeme started to watch Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory on MTV. 

"Rob is an inspiration to me," said Sa'Preeme, who loves fashion and has been watching the professional skateboarder and fashion mogul for DC shoes since he was in the sixth grade.

When approached by Make-A-Wish Arizona and offered a wish, Sa’Preeme, who shares the same aspirations as Rob, decided to meet his idol in person.

During his wish trip, Sa'Preeme and his family traveled to Los Angeles, home of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, where they would spend a whole day with the skateboarder and other wish families. As part of the trip, Sa’Preeme also received a V.I.P pass to Universal Studios where he could ride every single ride.

Sa’Preeme’s first impression of Rob was a good one. 

"He's exactly how you see on television. He's funny but very humble," said Sa'Preeme. "He makes you forget about everything you're going through."

Sa'Preeme's favorite part of the trip was the one-on-one time he had to talk with Rob, who shared advice on how to start a fashion brand like Rob’s. Rob reassured Sa'Preeme that he could do anything he wanted to do. 

"Being able to hear that from Rob, who does what I want to do… that left a lasting impression on me," said Sa'Preeme.

"Rob told Sa'Preeme that he was different from other kids, that he can tell the difference that he really does love fashion and has a creative side; and now Rob follows HIM on Instagram!" said Kevyn.

While at the Fantasy Factory, Rob taught Sa'Preeme and the other wish kids tricks on the skateboard and even let them jump into the iconic foam pit. 

"The whole family jumped in, it really got us out of our shell," said Kevyn, who was surprised to see a different side of Rob besides his known daredevil ways. "Rob is a new father now so he was concerned with the safety of the kids jumping into the foam pit, which was funny to see."

Sa'Preeme and the other wish kids visiting Rob connected so well, they spent the next day together at Universal Studios. 

"It was really cool meeting other wish kids because they are going through the same thing I am going through," said Sa'Preeme.

And, while Universal Studios was special, the family will really remember Sa’Preeme’s day with Rob.

"For all of us Rob was a pleasure, he was humble and down to earth," said Kevyn.

Sa'Preeme knows his wish will forever impact his life.

“Rob was really encouraging to me to get started and stay in fashion,” said Sa’Preeme. “I have a new excitement for life and my career in fashion because of my wish."

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