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More than music: Yazy's wish to meet Justin Bieber is "life-changing"

  • “Justin Bieber is inspiring to me. His music is so positive and it made me feel better.” -Yazy

  • Yazy got her hair, makeup and even her nails done before her big meeting.

  • Yazy, her mom, and her family friend rode to the concert in a limo.

  • Yazy and Justin Bieber would share seconds just hugging in silence, she was so happy.

  • "My wish made me realize ANYTHING is possible if you just believe it!" -Yazy

“ My wish changed my life! It made me realize ANYTHING is possible if you just believe it! ”

- Yazy

To wish kid Yazy, Justin Bieber is not just a musician; he is someone who completely changed her medical journey.

At only 15, Yazy has endured many health challenges in her young life. 

She was born blind, and spent many days in and out of the hospital throughout the years due to a genetic disorder. It was during her recent medical concerns that Yazy really found a love for Justin Bieber and his music.

His music is what gave her energy and hope during some of the most difficult times in her diagnosis and treatments.

“About two years ago, Yazy had surgery to help correct the curvature in her back,” shared her mother, Parisa. “She developed some serious complications due to the surgery and now has superior mesenteric artery syndrome, or SMAS. The condition has made it challenging for her to regain her health and strength to fully heal properly from the surgery.”

Yazy now struggles with a complicated and serious gastro- vascular disorder that regularly puts her life at risk. Through it all, she remains calm by listening to Justin’s songs.

“It has been a rough journey, but it was Justin Bieber’s music that helped Yazy keep fighting through it all,” said Parisa. “She’ll just get in the zone and jam out to his music when she’s in pain. She's definitely one of his biggest Beliebers!”  

When Make-A-Wish Arizona approached Yazy, she knew without a second thought that she wished to meet the musician who brought up her spirits during even her worst days.

“I wished to meet Justin Bieber because he is a great singer,” said Yazy. “He is inspiring to me—his music was positive at a time I really needed it. It made me feel better.”

On the day of her wish reveal, Yazy found out she was not only going to Justin Bieber’s concert, but she was going to have the chance to meet him in person.   

“This is the best day of my life!” screamed Yazy when she was told about the meet and greet.

With plans in the making, Yazy couldn’t wait for the big day to come. Then, before she knew it, Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour had made its way to Arizona.

Yazy was treated to a complete beauty treatment for her big meeting—hair, makeup, even her nails were glammed up for Justin.

Once she was ready, she was escorted to the venue and waited anxiously to be ushered backstage.

“Yazy knew exactly what she wanted to talk about and did not seem to be shy at all,” said Katie Johnson, an employee with Make-A-Wish Arizona. “In fact, she kept repeating ‘today is the day’ and ‘I can't wait to talk to Justin’ while jumping around with excitement.”

Katie took Yazy, her mother and a family friend down to the meet and greet room near the main stage and patiently waited for Justin to arrive. Almost immediately, Justin came in and walked directly over to Yazy.

He gave her a big hug then introduced himself to her as well as to her family. Yazy gave Justin a birthday card, which she had created for him on her braille writer, and Justin sat down right next to her.

Justin answered every single one of Yazy’s questions, and even relaxed on the floor to listen when she asked if she could tell him a story.

“The entire meet and greet, Justin was focused on Yazy and he never looked away from her,” said Parisa. “His full attention was on her and she took in every moment.”

“They would just share seconds hugging in silence,” said Katie. “I believe this meant the most to her. It was incredible.”

After some time has passed, Yazy asked Justin if she could kiss him on the cheek.

“He said YES!” Yazy shouted. “Then he even kissed me on the cheek! I will never forget it!”

Before saying their goodbyes, Justin explained how great it was to meet Yazy, took a few pictures, and gave her an autographed CD and personal “swag bag” full of Purpose Tour items.

“It was everything Yazy wished for,” said Parisa. “She couldn’t stop smiling, she was so happy.”

“Meeting Justin Bieber was more than I could have ever imagined!” Yazy said. “He talked to me, laughed with me – It was amazing!”

Swooning over her experience, Yazy spent the rest of the night enjoying the concert. She continues to share her story whenever she can.

“I will always remember my wish. It changed my life!” said Yazy. “It made me feel like a celebrity and made me realize ANYTHING is possible if you just believe it!” 

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patti warfield

I know n love Yazy very much and JUSTIN CHANGED HER LIFE!!! Thank you Make A Wish!!! You are my fav charity!!!

June 07, 2016 - 4:58 PM

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